Seed Savers Exchange
    The Seed Savers Exchange is an organization of environmentally-conscious gardeners dedicated to preserving heirloom (handed down, non hybrid) varieties of garden and crop plants.  The advent of mechanized agriculture and bio-engineering has caused many farmers to stop growing open pollinated varieties, many of which are now endangered.  SSE maintains biodiversity through its Heritage Farm in Decorah, Iowa,, where thousands of varieties are grown and preserved, and through a network of members who grow these varieties in their own gardens.  Every year SSE issues its annual Yearbook, which lists thousands of varieties of vegetable and other crop seeds, tubers and plants offered by members for a small fee to other members.  For information on membership, visit the Seed Savers Exchange web site.  Seed Savers Exchange also has another seed exchange program for herb and flowers, the Flower and Herb Exchange.

Here are my past SSE and FHE listings.  Seed requests are available only to SSE/FHE members.

Spoon Tomato

Corsican Gourd

Bolivian Rainbow Pepper

Spice Basil

Garlic Chives

Breadseed Poppy

Konikir Cosmos

Hot Peppers
From left: Thai Hot, Relleno, Habanero